earthzoom loop

September 4, 2007



12 Responses to “earthzoom loop”

  1. fredo Says:

    that’s magic!

  2. bother~it Says:

    witchcraft i say! >.<

  3. ouch Says:

    my head hurts…..

  4. fublag Says:

    Yay fractals!
    I remember there was a paper (“How Long is the Coastline of Britain?” or something) that pointed out that coasts are fractal in nature, and nearly infinite in length depending on how you measure them.
    It was one of the foundational papers of chaos theory.

  5. Phill Says:


  6. thanx Says:

    BAM !

  7. steve Says:

    thats really cool

  8. eFEWF Says:

    fuck you i was waiting for a complete zoom in

  9. griingolink Says:

    idk if i should be scared or freaked out o_0

  10. Mark Says:

    how long is this supposed to take to zoom in, i’ve been waiting an hour and its still zooming

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