8-bit dance loop

September 4, 2007


17 Responses to “8-bit dance loop”

  1. gustavo Says:

    very very good work.

  2. DirtySF Says:

    My, my, my, my music hits me so hard
    Makes me say oh my Lord
    Thank you for blessing me
    With an 8-bit Hammer with two hyped feet

  3. […] a long time. That’s why loopable.com is such a great idea. Be sure to check out Punch Loop, 8-bit Dance Loop, and the very uncomfortable Bear Hug […]

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  5. nolan Says:

    I want to know If i can use your loop for a ucsd advertisement for our organization $50,000 Entrepreneurship competition. It is a closed circuit system and we would want to insert our logo behind the the danicng guy or have the 50k logo pop up from his mouth at the end. Can you contact me or is there a way to contact you. nmarcos@ucsd.edu

  6. Loopable Says:

    […] 8-bip dance loop é mais uma tremenda descoberta (ou produção?) do Loopable. in: viagem web […]

  7. wankband Says:

    and they say white men cant dance! hooray for loopable

  8. Francis Says:

    It’s MC Hammer who is dancing, in “Can’t touch this”

  9. Mirko Says:

    come to see my video with your gif…the video is this watch?v=qQLrBNB6VyE

  10. TheGlovner Says:

    Don’t think it is Hammer, I think it is Vanilla Ice, I may be wrong of course.

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  12. jivemouth Says:

    May I use this Loop as an Easter Egg in a mobile app? Love this too much.

  13. AD Says:

    This is so awesome :))

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